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Optional Blog Inclusion
21 Oct 2013
Optionally include blog functionality within your website. You can create as many blog categories as you wish. Link your blog into your website menu and / or sidebar for easy access by your website visitors. If you wish blog posts to automatically duplicate articles to your social media sites (eg. ... read more


Herman Melville: Moby Dick
20 Oct 2013
Like most old fashioned pulpits, it was a very lofty one, and since a regular stairs to such a height would, by its long angle with the floor, seriously contract the already small area of the chapel, the architect, it seemed, had acted upon the hint of Father Mapple, and ... read more


Jack London: The Scarlett Plague
19 Oct 2013
Before the old man could answer, the boy recollected and triumphantly shoved his hand into a pouch under his bear-skin and pulled forth a battered and tarnished silver dollar. The old man's eyes glistened, as he held the coin close to them. "I can't see," he muttered. "You look and ... read more


Lewis Carroll: Alice in Wonderland
18 Oct 2013
'Tell us a story!' said the March Hare. 'Yes, please do!' pleaded Alice. 'And be quick about it,' added the Hatter, 'or you'll be asleep again before it's done.' 'Once upon a time there were three little sisters,' the Dormouse began in a great hurry; 'and their names were Elsie, ... read more


Edgar Rice Burroughs: A Princess of Mars
17 Oct 2013
Some time later I was awakened by his frightful growlings and opened my eyes to see three red Martians standing a short distance from us and covering me with their rifles. "I am unarmed and no enemy," I hastened to explain. "I have been a prisoner among the green men ... read more